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September 02 2012

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August 24 2012

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July 20 2012

July 19 2012

October 02 2011

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July 30 2011

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April 26 2011

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April 23 2011

Mr. Eko: Climb that tree.
Charlie: What?
Mr. Eko: Climb that tree and perhaps we'll be able to get your bearings or see the plane.
Charlie: You climb it! What if I don't? You gonna beat me with your Jesus-stick?! I find it a little odd that your scripture-stick has dried blood on it!
Mr. Eko: Are you going to climb that tree or not?
Charlie: What kind of priest are you anyway?
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April 22 2011

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April 10 2011

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April 07 2011

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April 02 2011

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March 29 2011

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